A random selection of Babylon 5 gifs. :)


"The city was drowning in decay, chaos, immorality. A message needed to be sent, etched in blood for all the world to see. A warning."

2x21 - Comes the Inquisitor

dupond-and-dupont asked
Thanks for your wonderful blog ! Keep it up ! :D

Thank you! :)

sg1immortalized asked
hey can you do the last scene in 2x21. where the guy says that speech which ends with him annoucing hes the jack the ripper.

Sure, can do!

"The odds of you having such an accident are greatly reduced once you sign on with us."

4x10 - Racing Mars

itsachristastrophe asked
I don't suppose the title sequences for Seasons Four and Five are likely to show up anytime soon? X3

Sorry for the delay in my response!

I started working on 4 and 5, but I found they didn’t lend themselves to gifsets as well as the first three openings. So I guess the answer is maybe, if I can work out a way to do them that I’m happy with. :)

baenlynn asked
I love everything here, please keep making these. Thankyou so much!

Thanks, will do! :)

hiiragizawas asked
Thank you, thank you, thank you for this blog. I'm having such a wonderful time going through all your entries.

Thank you, glad to hear it! :)